Welcome to MGLI’s fantastic 44th event !

With over 1,200 draft horses from the U.S. and Canada, The Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show and Pull (MGLI) is the largest annual draft horse event in North America.

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Coloring Contest Winners

With a total of 93 entries, with participants from 18 different elementary schools this contest was a great success! Congratulations to the 2 winners: 8 and 10 years old. They will each receive four free tickets to the MI Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show.

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2019 Clydesdale Foal Spectacular!!

The 2019 Spectacular will be hosted by the Clydesdale Education Foundation and held at the 2019 Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show & Pull!

$25,000 added by Victoria McCullough and the Davis McCullough Foundation

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Exciting Tri-State Unicorn Challenge

Minimum payout of $3000. In cooperation with the Ohio and Indiana State Fairs the MGLI is pleased to host the FINALS of this NEW series. You must have participated in your Ohio AND Indiana State Fair Breed Unicorn Classes as well as your MGLI Breed Unicorn Class to ENTER.

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Michigan Bred and Owned including Champion Foal Award

MGLI will be recognizing the top five Michigan Bred and Owned Draft Horses in the Belgian, Percheron and Clydesdale/Shire and Special Shire Halter classes for foals, yearlings and two year olds.

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Barnyard Horse Pull

Take note that for the BARNYARD HORSE PULL – Class 907, Premiums are raised to $85 for 1st-16th placings!!

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