Welcome to MGLI’s fantastic 46th event !

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Welcome to MGLI’s fantastic 46th event !

With over 1,200 draft horses from the U.S. and Canada, The Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show and Pull (MGLI) is the largest annual draft horse event in North America. MGLI’s annual mid-October 4-day event features some of the finest Belgians, Clydesdales, Shires, Percherons and mules that have ever performed in an arena or in the field – anywhere! MGLI is the only event in the world to feature halter classes, hitching, plowing, pulling and riding for draft horse breeds and mules at the same time and location. These elegant and massive horses which weigh over a ton compete in single horse hitch through the entire range of eight-horse hitch classes.

These “big boys” will also demonstrate their raw power in the light and heavyweight pulling contests during which they pull a truck-mounted dynamometer, and during the “barnyard pull” teams test their horse power with a weighted sled.

To see these heavy horses perform the tasks that they were bred for, be sure to visit the plowing matches and field events on the East side of the Pavilion, where admission is free. And, English and western saddle classes demonstrate that these gentle giants can be ridden as well.

Commercial exhibits jam-pack the pavilion offering thousands of unique equine items, and the major breed associations are on hand to promote their breeds and answer questions.

Join us! Bring your family and cameras!